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Working for Cripplegate 

A stronger voice for residents 

I was first elected in 2018 to represent Castle Baynard ward. As a City Councillor, I pushed for greater diversity, transparency and proper resident engagement. On climate action, I led calls on our planning committee to recognise the embodied carbon in construction.


I now represent Cripplegate - my home for the last 8 years. I work alongside fellow Labour Cripplegate councillors Anne Corbett and Frances Leach as well as the rest of the ward team - seeking a stronger voice for residents.

Our pledges  

  • A real voice for residents: ensuring residents are represented as effectively as businesses in the City’s decision-making.

  • A green city tackling the climate crisis and making the city a green a place to live work and play. 

  • Planning for people pushing for human scale development and giving local people a proper say in what’s built in the city.

  • A City for SMEs too: using the City’s resources to support small businesses and creative talent.

  • Services fit for a world-class City: improving education, health and social care for all.

Contact Me

Get in touch

If you’ve got a problem, or if there is an issue in your block or street that needs attention, please contact me. I will always do my best to help. 

Councillor Natasha Lloyd-Owen:

Cripplegate Action Team:

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